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To know Christ and to make Him known

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Monthly Prayer Diary and Weekly Bulletin

Bradfield, Bucklebury &

Stanford Dingley Churches

To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known!


 We welcome you to our services

and hope that you will stay and chat afterwards


Services for Sunday 17th February, Epiphany 6

Growing the church - Encouragements to give

Acts 4: 32-5:16,

   8.00am    BCP Holy Communion          St Mary’s, Bucklebury

   9.30am    Morning Prayer                     St Mary’s, Bucklebury

   9.30am    Morning Worship                 St Peter’s, Bradfield Southend

 11.00am    Holy Communion                 All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury

 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. 

Acts 4:32                                                        


Services for Sunday 24th February, Epiphany 7

Growing the church – Service and ministry

Acts 6: 1-15,

   8.00am    BCP Holy Communion         St Mary, Marlston

   9.30am    Holy Communion                 St Mary’s, Bucklebury

   9.30am    Morning Worship                 St Peter’s, Bradfield Southend

 11.00am    Morning Worship                All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury

+There are no services at St Denys’ until further notice. Please check the website for information:  www.2bsd.org.uk



 Monday 18th February

  • AM Coffee morning at All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury, 9am‒12 noon) including Post Office to 12.30pm.

Tuesday 19th February 

  • Bible Study, 2.30pm, St Peter’s, Bradfield Southend.
  • Alpha Course, session 4, All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury, 7pm.
  • Parish Prayer Meeting, 8pm, Southfield House, Bradfield

Wednesday 20th February

  • Funeral of Lilian Cowan, 12 noon, at St Mary’s, Bucklebury.

Thursday 21st February

  • Mission Prayer group, 7.30pm at All Saints’ Upper Bucklebury.

News and Notices

 For our LENT COURSE this year, we will be putting on The Bible Course, which has been produced by the Bible Society. The Bible Course is an accessible course that walks us through the big picture of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. It is run over 8 weeks and is designed to be accessible to all, whatever our knowledge or experience of the Bible. Our purpose is for us to see how powerful and relevant the Bible is to all of us and our faith. Anybody can come along and all are welcome. 

The course will be taking place on Thursday lunchtime at 12 noon, with a simple soup lunch, beginning 28th February. If you are not free in the daytime but would still like to come, we may be able to arrange sessions in the evening or on a Saturday morning, if there is enough interest. The course lasts approximately 90 minutes. The total cost of the course is £10 to cover the costs of the manuals and catering. If costs is a problem, please don’t make that a barrier to coming.  Please let me know if you would like to come.

Here are some links to videos that explain more of the course, and some reviews:  https://youtu.be/G_kun5f15S4


Jules - 01635 866731,


West Berks Foodbank: The warehouse have advised that there are some changes to the items currently needed.

These are as follows: Urgently Needed  –Self raising flour (500g, small bag), Sunflower oil (500ml – small bottle).

Low Stock - Kitchen roll, Stock cubes: Chicken, Vegetable, Beef.  Please, no pasta, soup or beans at this time.  Thank you.



Annual Parochial Church Meetings:

Bucklebury – Thursday 4th April,

Bradfield – Wednesday 24th April,

Stanford Dingley – Sunday 28th April (12.30pm).


 Bradfield Spiritual Development Group: Setting God’s People free – Empowering the laity to play a full and equal part in the mission of the church.  A talk and discussion led by David Heywood

(author of books including Kingdom Learning and Reimagining Ministry). Wednesday 20th February, 7.45 for 8pm start,

St Mark’s Church, Englefield.


Complete Revision of the Church Electoral Roll: Every six years the church electoral roll (members’ list for each parish) is wiped clean and everyone must re-apply.  2019 is one of those years, so if you are on the current roll you will be contacted by the Electoral Roll Officer for your parish in the next few weeks, inviting you to register, provided that you meet the criteria set out by the Church of England. If you currently attend services regularly but are not on the Electoral Roll, you may apply to join. We would like each Roll to reflect the current membership and attendance of the churches.

In the same mailing you may also receive a form asking you to confirm whether you are happy to receive information from the church by post, phone or email as we update our records under new data protection regulations (GDPR) which are now in force.

Only those whose names are on the Electoral Roll may attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) or stand for election to the Church Council or other committee such as the Deanery Synod.


Prayer Diary


Sun 17th Parents and all those with responsibilities of care for others, whether in a private home, in care homes, hospitals etc.

Mon 18th Pray for rest and refreshment for pupils, teachers and staff this half-term break.

Tue 19th Those who are awaiting surgery and/or undergoing treatment.

Wed 20th The Oxford Diocese, and those who work in Church House Oxford to support ministry in the parishes. Bishop Steven (Oxford) and Bishop Andrew (Reading).

Thur 21st  Missionaries and mission.

Fri 22nd  The ordained ministry team – Jules, Lyn and their families.

Sat 23rd  Pray for God’s blessing on all marriages.

Sun 24th The worldwide church. Pray for those supporting and equipping ministries in developing countries, where there are very few resources.

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For ALL church enquiries including wedding, baptism and funeral enquiries, and pastoral matters:

Administration Office:  01635 860220,

Priest in Charge: Revd Jules Gadsby,  01635 866731

(Day off – FRIDAY)  

Jules’ blog: https://juliangadsby.com/ 

Bradfield Parish website: http://www.bradfieldchurch.org.uk/

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Thank you so much for your faithful and generous giving. Do please always complete the Gift Aid envelope details if you are a tax payer.

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The next Bulletin will be issued on 24th Feb - copy by 20th please.  Meantime, please check the website for updates.

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