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To know Christ and to make Him known

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Monthly Prayer Diary and Weekly Bulletin

Bradfield, Bucklebury &

Stanford Dingley Churches

To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known!


 We welcome you to our services

and hope that you will stay and chat afterwards


Notices for Sundays 17th & 24th November – please keep.


Services for Sunday 17th November, Trinity 22

 Stay prepared

Luke 21:5-19, 2 Thes 3:6-13

      8.00am     BCP Holy Communion     St Mary’s, Bucklebury

      9.30am     Morning Prayer                St Mary’s, Bucklebury

      9.30am     Family Communion          St Peter’s, Bradfield S.

    11.00am     Holy Communion            All Saints’, U. Bucklebury

    11.00am     BCP Morning Prayer        St Denys’, Stanford D.


Services for Sunday 24th November, Sunday before Advent

The King on a Cross

Luke 23:33-43, Jer 23:1-6


      8.00am     BCP Holy Communion     St Mary, Marlston

      9.30am     Holy Communion            St Mary’s, Bucklebury

      9.30am     Family Worship               St Peter’s, Bradfield S.

    11.00am     Morning Worship            All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury

    11.00am     Holy Communion            St Denys’, Stanford Dingley


Services for Advent Sunday, 1st December

 The Mountain of the Lord

Matt 24:36-44, Is 2:1-5


      8.00am     BCP Holy Communion     St Mary’s, Bucklebury

      9.30am     Morning Prayer                St Mary’s, Bucklebury

      9.30am     Family Communion          St Peter’s, Bradfield S.

10.00am  Come to All Saints’ from 10.00am for refreshments and to have fun making your Christingle for

    11.00am Family Christingle Service    All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury

    6.30pm  Advent Carol Service           St Denys’, Stanford D.


 Monday 18th November

  • Post Office (9am to 12:30). All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury,

          NO  AM Coffee morning, due to kitchen refit – also 25th.

  • Funeral of Barbara Perry, 3pm, West Berkshire Crematorium.
  • Bucklebury PCC, 7.30pm, All Saints’ Hall.
  • Bible Study, 7.45pm, All Saints’. All welcome.

Tuesday 19th November

  • Bible Study, 2.30pm, St Peter’s, Bradfield Southend, All welcome.
  • Prayer Meeting, 8pm, Southfield House, Bradfield.

Friday 22nd November

  • Toddler group, 9.45am, St. Peter’s, Bradfield Southend
  • Prayer Group, 8pm, All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury.

Tuesday 26th November

  • as last Tuesday.

Thursday 28th November

  • Mission Prayer Group, 7.30pm, All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury

Friday 29th November

  • Toddler group, 9.45am, St. Peter’s, Bradfield Southend

News and Notices

Work on All Saints’ new kitchen has started. Regular events may still take place, while others may have to be rescheduled. Please check the website for the most up to date news.


West Berks Foodbank: Thank you for responding to our shortages; these have now changed. We need to restock our 'store cupboard boxes’ given out to clients when required. The items are: Vegetable stock cubes, Tomato Puree, Garlic Puree, Sunflower Oil, Dried onion granules. Thank you.


 Coming Up

 Special Services and Events in December:

 Sun 1st All-Age Christingle Service, 11am (preceded by refreshments and making Christingles from 10am), All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury.

Sun 1st    Advent Carol Service, St Denys’, Stanford Dingley, 6.30pm. Sun 15th Family Carol Service, St Peter’s, Bradfield Southend, 3.30pm.

Mon 16th Carol Singing at Coffee Morning, 10.45am approx, All Saints’, Upper Bucklebury.

Tues 17th Carols at The Cottage Inn, Upper Bucklebury, 8pm.

Sun 22nd Carol Service, St Mary’s, Bucklebury, 4pm.         

Sun 22nd Carol Service, St Denys’, Stanford Dingley, 6.30pm.

Due to space restrictions, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services will appear next time.


Prayer Diary – November

Sun 17th Those involved in ministry – lay and clergy, particularly those who lead and preach.    

Mon 18th Family of Barbara Perry. Bucklebury PCC meeting this evening.

Tue 19th World Toilet Day. Pray for those who don’t have access to a safe toilet. Consider Toilet Twinning; find out more at www.toilettwinning.org   

Wed 20th Everyone who has been affected by flooding, and churches & organisations helping them.

Thur 21st Bradfield School – Headteacher: Caroline Johnson, governors, staff, pupils & volunteers.

Fri 22nd St Peter’s Toddlers’ Group – for good relationships to be formed with the parents and children who attend.

Sat 23rd Please remember all of those who have nowhere to live.

Sun 24th Jules – on sabbatical, Lyn - our minister, Raymond who is assisting - and their families.

Mon 25th Debbie in the Church Office.

Tue 26th Lindy Hope, assisting the ministry team in the parishes.

Wed 27th The Oxford Diocese, and those who work in Church House, Oxford to support ministry in the parishes.

Thur 28th PM Boris Johnson and the Government. The forthcoming General Election.

Fri 29th Tearfund, working to bring relief to refugees and aid to developing countries/ disaster areas. Visit www.tearfund.org for more.

Sat 30th Pray for those working in hospitals, nursing/residential homes or with those with learning difficulties. Ask that they might have patience, strength and know God’s grace as they care for others.

Sun 1st Dec As Christmas draws near, pray that the Holy Spirit will work in people’s hearts to welcome Jesus.


For ALL church enquiries including wedding, baptism and funeral enquiries, and pastoral matters:

Administration Office:  01635 860220,

Bradfield Parish website: http://www.bradfieldchurch.org.uk/ 


During Jules’ sabbatical please contact the church office for all enquiries.  If you need to speak to a minister for pastoral reasons: Associate Clergy – Revd Lyn Bliss, 01635 862281, assisted by Revd Raymond Obin, 01635 38212 and Lindy Hope.


 The next Bulletin will be issued on Sunday 1st December - copy by Weds 27th Nov please. Meantime, please check the website.


 Please visit http://www.2bsd.org.uk to view/download the ‘Weekly notices’ or to receive this bulletin by email, please contact the office.

Whilst Jules Gadsby, the priest in charge, is on sabbatical, if you know of anyone in the wider church family who has a particular pastoral need, is in hospital or would appreciate a visit at home, please could you let Lyn, Raymond or the office know – or talk to one of the churchwardens. For urgent matters regarding church buildings: Bradfield – Robin Evans, 0118 974 4920, Andrew Waters, 0118 974 4082. Bucklebury – John Tennant, 0118 971 3393, Tom Service, 0118 971 2504. Stanford Dingley – Julia Hunt, 0118 971 0114, Ray Ellis, 07968 673 492.

Thank you so much for your faithful and generous giving. Do please always complete the Gift Aid envelope details if you are a tax payer.


To receive this bulletin by email, please contact the office. To keep up to date with what is happening in our parishes click the Facebook and Twitter links below.

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