Foodbank Collections

With so many people going through difficult times financially, more and more people are using foodbanks. We have two collection points in the parishes which anyone can donate to. 

St Peter's Church, Southend Road, Bradfield Southend, RG7 6EX            

All Saints' Church, Broad Lane, Upper Bucklebury, RG7 6QU 

All donations go to West Berks Foodbank (Thatcham and Newbury area)  (for more info go to
Shopping List:

Shower gel/wrapped soap
Washing up liquid
Canned sponge puddings
Instant mashed potato
Tinned meat/meat pies
Tinned fish
Tinned fruit
Long Life Fruit Juice
Milk (UHT or powdered)
Pasta Sauces (jars)
Rice pudding (tin)
Tinned vegetables
Hot chocolate
Instant coffee
Teabags (pkt of 40/80)
Biscuits or snack bars
If you would like to buy an extra tin or packet of something and drop it in, it will go a long way to helping struggling local families.
*All donations are gratefully received, but the items in bold are in short supply at the moment. Thank you.